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Please adjust your screen into 1024*768(for e.g.) to get best effect.
Please don’t use ID and password for BBS, games or emails here because criminals may get them easily and then try them on Internet Banking to steal your money. Please change such ID and password.
Each time after you use the Internet Banking, please click “Log off” in the top right corner to exit and pull out your USB Shield for safekeeping.
Don’t open the remote assistance function of your OS, MSN or QQ. During online payment, please confirm your payment after you’ve checked the payment amount and order amount.
Please be cautious about phishing ICBC websites when logging into and paying over Internet Banking. For anti-phishing purpose, please download and install our anti-phishing security control timely.
Do not tick auto-cache info in IE before logging into Internet Banking. Please set in “User ID and Password of Registration Form” under Internet Options->Auto-complete in Content Label Page.
IE address shall begin with https, security padlock shall be displayed in the lower right corner or right above of explorer. E-commerce payment page domain is or
If you are a password card holder, please check if the page prompted your password input timed out or was wrong.
Please don’t open the remote assistance function at payment, otherwise, someone else may operate your computer.
Outward transfer, e-commerce and bill payment functions of Internet Banking under counter-based application are enabled. You can disable them at “Security Center” via Internet Banking.
"Install ActiveX" if you have problems in downloading ActiveX for Personal Internet Banking.
Please read System Setting Instructions if this is your first time to logon Internet Banking on this computer!
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